Ways To Publish and Sell Your eBook (A Simple Checklist)

To publish an e-book can be challenging yet interesting. To sell an e-book is critical. Though the trend of self-publishing across the world has radically heightened, when readers can’t find that high interest upon looking at your book, there is no way for them to buy it.

Impress your prospect readers

The best way to do it is simply make sure you, yourself, as the author of your e-book is highly impressed by your work. If you are, there is no reason why readers can’t see the spotlight of that story you want to tell them.

Create an impressive cover design

Selling copies of your e-book can be so critical. Your frenzied fans will have all the reasons to either recommend it to their other friends or not. So, make sure that from the cover design of your book, you are giving your best.

First-rate book description

From the cover, readers’ eyes will surely be dragging down to some eye-catching words on it. Write the best description for you book so readers can find no excuses of not adding it up to their cart.

Quality matters to all

This simply refers to a good book and a good book means a well-edited, well-presented, and well-formatted one. So, don’t get tired of re-editing your work because it is only you who can profit in the end.

Fair book pricing

See to it that your book price isn’t so much of pain for the buyers and at the same time, can give you satisfaction to yourself on the kind of manuscript you’ve just done.


The more e-books you can offer to the readers, the more buyers you can tap. Amanda Hocking, author of the best-selling e-book, Trylle trilogy, became a self-publishing multi-millionaire with her teen supernatural thrillers before bagging a$2M publishing contract with St. Martin’s Press. She writes more and keeps on earning millions.

Advertise and use social media

Advertising knows no limit. Today, one of the bests and proven effective way to get your book an exposure before the right audience is through constant advertising. Getting in contact with the prospect readers through social media works well as it’s getting a vast number of users in the world. Statistics says that 80 percent of social media users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook.

Create platforms

Think as many ways as you can in the name of your book’s exposure. The more spots your books are available, the better. Compete with the other authors and think of ideas you think will surpass their ways. Competition is healthy because it drives you to aim higher.

Open your doors

When there’s a chance for you to sell your books internationally; grab it. You need to experiment things. When one seems not to work out; hop on to better chances such as hiring book sellers whose passion is selling. Don’t hesitate to trust and ask help when most necessary.

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