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The Storm is Upon Us…Who Will Survive?

FREE this weekend — SOCIETY for SUPPER at Amazon

Wide spread drought has gripped the planet and devastated food supplies around the world. Riots have started breaking out as chaos is tearing away at the fabric of society. Ben Donnelly, a former special weapons and tactics officer with the Boston police force, is in for the fight of his life, trying to protect his family from the storm of inhumanity.

SOCIETY for SUPPER follows the Donnellys in their struggle to survive in the aftermath of the global food shortage and ultimately the collapse of society. The life they know is ripped away. They learn all too quickly, how we are all part of a precariously balanced community and when the balance is lost–society is devoured by the chaos of desperation.

Buckle-up and follow Ben Donnelly and his family as they try to survive this new hell.

Also available at your favorite online bookstore through HotPepper Publishing;


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