I Feel, Therefore I Am

I love to feel–to truly feel. Why else are we here, other than to feel, to live, to experience happiness, anger, sadness? Humans flock to concerts, movie theaters, fair grounds and the like — in droves. Why? Because they want to feel. People want to feel the range of emotion they don’t get during routine life.

I love to be happy. Being happy gives me energy, I radiate, and it makes me want to share my experience with others.  –Everyone wants to be happy.

Being sad is more of a personal thing. When I’m down I want to be by myself. Why is this? Do I relish the loneliness? Does it enhance the feeling? Everyone gets selfish with their sadness. When they get that warm ball in their throat, and the burning in their eyes …they scurry off to their room. They seek solitude. They take it someplace where they can experience it by themselves.

For generations men have been taught to suppress emotion and deal in rationality. It was not until recently that men have been encouraged to feel, talk about their feelings, and understand them.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty f’n far from ‘understanding’ my feelings. I do however, express them more. Maybe I’m in the transitional generation. More recently, I’ve tried to enjoy them. Happiness, sadness, anger …HA, I guess that’s one I’ve always enjoyed — in a way. Sadness, not so much.

I’m not alone in my retardation with understanding feelings.

You’ve all heard the statements, “I can’t help how I am feeling“, or “I don’t know why I feel so angry“. A lot of feelings that men experience are morphed, exhibited, or at least explained, as anger.

Enough about why. It’s 1AM and I’m gonna crash. Feelings are great. Yeah, all of them. Happiness is wonderful, but the clarity anger can evoke is amazing, and the creativity you can milk from sadness …well, try it –if you haven’t.

Don’t fear the feel. Let feelings wash over you, experience them, and enjoy them.

If you’re a writer, a musician, artist, or whatever …you can learn from feelings.

Your brain gives you as many feelings as it does thoughts, so use them.



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