That was a really great letter. It conjured up a lot of feelings I have, and have had. Recently, I had a …let’s say, a cardiac episode. One of the things my doctor–instructed–me to do was, remove caffeine from my diet. Until that time I was enjoying three large coffees a day. Mmmm, to hear it gathering in your cup, to embrace it with both hands, hold it to your chest in a tiny hug, and breath in it’s intoxicating aroma. That’s not an easy thing to give up. Like you, years ago, I corrupted her, with lactates and sweeteners, but once I accepted her–completely–I learned to enjoy …no, appreciate. Nope …savor. Maybe relish? Ahhh …revel in her full, black, unadulterated beauty. Several flavors of tea tried to take her place for the next few months, but paled in comparison. I thought, for a second, that Bengal Spice tea could help me through the pain of my loss. Her spicy aroma was formidable, even sexy, but fleeting. Alas, my transitory affairs with …tea, did not last, and I am back with my true love. Thank you. I really enjoyed it …to the last drop. Cheers! TyCobbsTeeth


Dear Coffee,

Make yourself comfortable at the dining room table. Take a seat. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble, so relax your steaming breath. I have so much to tell you.

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