6 Ways to Promote Your Ebook

(1) First things first Rivka Kawano The most important thing is that you have an overall plan. Any one of the strategies will likely not give you the results you want. And trying to do all of them will only exhaust you and still yield few results is you are just shooting everywhere without a clear target.

Take some time to really figure out your target market and where they hang out, what they do, what they love, what makes them tick. Then craft an overall plan that meets them where they are. Once you make the plan – stick to it! Sustained, ongoing, strategic effort is what will really help you break through.

(2) Web Marketing Jermyn Shannon El You want to be sure your website is colorful and branded similar to the book’s presentation. Be sure you have an option to purchase and download. Also, make sure you capture testimonials to further substantiate your content and material.

Donna Krech Make a really good video about your eBook and put it on YouTube. You can leave that as your calling card on social media. Plus it’s more informational than a sales letter on an eBook or just a plain ordering page.

(3) Give away a chapter Quite a few people commented on the effectiveness of giving away the first chapter or two or three. This certainly can spark interest and sales if your first chapters are compelling and create curiosity to get the rest. Angie Pedersen Use Pay With a Tweet (http://paywithatweet.com/) to offer a free excerpt (or the whole book!) in exchange for a tweet promoting the book. Instant viralization! [Love this!]

(4) More on give-aways… Tea Silvestre Join Amazon’s KDP Select program. This gives you the opportunity to offer your eBook for free for any 5 days over a 90-day period. Use the free download days to get the word out about your book. Couple the promotions with other giveaways (perhaps bonuses for buying the paperback/hardcover version) and then reach out to your list of influencers and ask them to share the download info with their networks. I did this for my book and on the first free day reached nearly 1,000 downloads and sold three dozen paperbacks. Also be sure to make your book loanable (so folks who grab your book can loan to friends with a Kindle Reader app) — you’ll still earn money and your book will be read by more people! Bonus tip: Offer a free advanced copy of your book to folks in your network in exchange for a review on Amazon. Give them a target date and follow up by email with a reminder. This will help you jump start your reviews before the release date.

(5) Bonus content Caley Van Cleave Marry your eBook with other more dynamic resources that support the content in the eBook. For example, worksheets, slideshows, tutorial videos, etc. The more engaging the customer experience, the more likely they will be in referring others to download it too!

(6) Have others sell your book for you Stephanie Hillberry Take advantage of affiliates! Energize them with your ideas and then equip them to promote your book through their personal networking channels. They earn money, you earn money, and the reader gets a great resource. Everyone is happy.

These 6 Tips were shared by writers and put together by If you want to read more of the 19 Ways to Promote Your Ebook, follow this link. http://denisewakeman.com/marketing-trends/19-ways-promote-ebook/

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