3 Keys for Learning to Write

1. Spend more time writing: (Practice makes perfect)

It makes sense right –you will not become great at a sport unless you practice that sport–a lot. There is strong evidence that this is true for writing too. Five studies of exceptional literacy teachers found that great teachers ask their students to write frequently. In nine separate experiments with students, 15 additional minutes of writing time a day in grades two through eight produced better writing. Seventy-eight percent of studies testing the impact of extra writing found that student’s writing quality improved.

Not only did writing quality improve, so did reading comprehension.

2. Write on a computer: (Instant feedback)

In 83 percent of 30 studies on the use of word processing software, students’ writing quality improved when they wrote their papers on a computer instead of writing by hand. The impact was largest for middle school students, but younger students benefited, too. The theory is that students feel more free to edit their sentences because it’s so easy to delete, add and move text on a computer. The more editing, the better the final essay.

3. Grammar instruction doesn’t work (Direct relation and Feedback):

Studies have found that traditional grammar instruction does not work. Period.

The most positive results have been from cases where grammar rules (corrections) were applied to the sentences students were working on.

-Facts and figures courtesy of The Hechinger Report

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